Andoni Ibarra and Manus MacGlaisin

Whitewater Hirelings


Andoni Ibarra
Hits: 68 AT: 15 DB: 0 plus shield
OB: 60 (mace) 40 (light crossbow)
Sit Aware (Combat) +20, Stunned Maneuver +35

Manus MacGlaisin
Hits: 55 AT: 10 DB: 10 plus shield
OB: 65 (composite bow) 40 (spear)
Sit Aware (Combat) +30, Stunned Maneuver +20, Track +60


Andori is a Lepton male from the Cledge who has worked several seasons as a caravan guard for Whitewater Guards. Manus is a Caledoni male from the Elbasan region who recently finished his first season with Whitewater. They were hired during the off season by Kalina Samaras and Koldo Bolibar to escort them to the Border Hills and establish a base of operations there.

Andoni Ibarra and Manus MacGlaisin

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