Kalina Samaras

Ostracized young Mage and enterprising merchant


Kalina Samaras has been sent by her family to the remote Barony of Kotor as punishment for a romantic fling that never occurred. Unfortunate victim of a slanderous rumor, Kalina was unable to clear her name, despite her virtue being acknowledged as still intact, and is now forced to “represent” her family in the bustling caravan trade through Visegrad.

Daughter of a prominent merchant family in the City of Elbasan, Kalina has had a few successes and made a minorly prosperous place for herself in Visegrad. She has realized however that she is a very small player in a market that is already filled with big fish and so has resolved to strike out and try to create a new market place herself.

Kalina has gained knowledge of several charters that Baron Kresimir has recently issued for parties to explore and tame the wilderness areas just east of the Kotor Valley along the East Road. She has reasoned that the ultimate purpose of this move by the Baron is to expand his holdings and she plans to be in position to exploit the growth of population and trade that will accompany this increase.

Kalina has arranged for financial support and access to supplies from some local friends she has made in the merchant community of Visegrad to help her establish her position. She is accompanied as always by Ailean O’Glaisin, her only friend from home who has remained at her side throughout her exile.

Kalina Samaras

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