Koldo Bolibar

Merchant friend of Kalina


Concussion Hits: 45
AT: 1 DB: 10 plus shield
OB: 40 short bow 30 club
Leptona S10/W10 Sumadjian S8/WLow8 Ameian S6/W0

Lie Detection 35, Trading Lore 60, Administration(Barony of Kotor) 40, Appraisal 50, Bribery 35, Trading 55, Contacting 40


Koldo Bolibar is the 4th son of a successful caravan merchant based in Visegrad. Koldo has a sense for business opportunities, but had little potential to inherit any of his families existing businesses. When he was approached by Kalina Samaras with a proposal to start building his own business supporting the caravan trade he obtained financing from his family on favorable terms and set forth into the wilderness of the Border Hills.

Koldo Bolibar

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