Leviton Homestead

Homestead in the Border Hills


Svetlana with her husband Oleg Leviton and their family are some of the hardy, stubborn Mannish folk still homesteading in the Border Hills. They posses a favorable plot of land with good soil, access to water and are located close enough, but not too close, to the caravan road.

Recently their homestead has attracted the attention of a group of bandits who have been harassing them over the winter, raiding their livestock and stored foods and even extorting supplies most recently.

Their homestead includes extended family and friends;

Oleg (age 38) and Svetlana Leviton (age 34) and their children, Oleg the Younger (son, 18), Jadran (daughter, 15) and Danica (daughter, 10)

Iva Kruhalk (41) – Oleg’s older sister (widowed) and her children Radjke (daughter, 18), Damir (son, 16) and Milan (son, 10)

Zan (22) and Tamay (19) Kruhalk – Iva Kruhalk’s oldest son and his wife (from the Eastern Beastlands) with their daughter Olivera (1)

Momchil (33) and Radmila Peev (34) – Oleg’s younger brother and his wife with their children Ralica (daughter, 15) and Malina (daughter, 8)

Ladislav (52) and Ludmila Lhotzky (51) – Radmila Peev’s parents

Probka Pantelic (62) – Svetlana’s mother (widowed)

Milan Pantelic (27) – Svetlana’s younger brother (widower) and his son Milan (5)

Teleboge (45) and Yesuntei (38) – Old family friends, (Yrchish) and their children, Choban (son, 22), Jetei (son, 18), Kiriltugh (son, 12), Ghoa (daughter, 10) and Cirina (daughter, 5)

Maral (68) – Yesuntei’s father

Marcel (36) and Hanna Faulstich (34) – Old family friends, (Elarkish) and their children, Hanna (daughter, 16), Natascha (daughter, 15), Axel (son, 6) and Ben (son, 4)

Torsten Brauner (42) – Marcel’s brother, widower

Ben (27) and Alina Stickler (29) – Hanna’s sister and her husband and their children, Alina (daughter 10), Klara (daughter 8), Therese (daughter, 7), Gerwald (son, 5), Adalger (son, 3), Jannick (son, 1)

Leviton Homestead

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