Luukas Ruutel

Herbalist and loyal retainer


Luukas Ruutel is a native of the Valley of Kotor and was raised to honor the old ways and the old gods. Normally this would have presented a nigh insurmountable obstacle to entering service with any of the Yenosh worshiping Sumadjian’s who form most of the elite of the Valleys economic and political spheres. Luck favored Luukas however, when he was recruited by the Lady Dancis to help with the design and maintainance of her garden, which she wished to have stocked with local flora.

His close work with the Lady and her Sumadjian household showed them to be remarkably religiously tolerant for Yenoshites and Luukas worked hard to excel at his tasks. His efforts were rewarded when he was offered to become a retainer in the Dancis household.

Luukas’s knowledge in flora and herb lore, as well as his medical knowledge, caused the young Markuss Dancis to recruit him as a partner in a charter to explore and tame the wilds on the eastern slopes of the Border Hills.

Luukas Ruutel

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