Markuss Dancis

Knight of Brevoy


Markuss Dancis’s grandfather was a knight in the host of the Great Crusade who rode under the banner of Count Kresimir of Iinace. With the surrender of Visegrad, the formation of the Barony of Kotor and the endowment of the Baronial title upon Count Kresimir, Markuss’s grandfather became a substantial landholder in the Kotor Valley.

Markuss’s father, Alfred Dancis, was already a young man when he first entered the Kotor Valley, leading the escort for his mother and household as they transplanted their lives from the comforts of Iinace to the relative wilds of Kotor. Alfred Dancis quickly made a name, and ultimately earned a knighthood, for himself leading patrols against restless and troublesome hill tribes, exploring the northern reaches of the Lords Forest and leading caravan guard companies as far east as Nesme.

Markuss was born relatively late in Alfred’s life and was his last child. Having no prospects for substantial inheritance Markuss was lavished with particular attention and care by his father at every opportunity and was trained and educated in warfare to a further extent than any of his siblings, all in order to give him the greatest opportunity to make a life for himself.

Following in his fathers footsteps Markuss began riding patrols into the foothills to keep the tribes at bay and working as a caravan guard during the traveling season and built a reputation for himself as a capable captain. His father was able to advance his name and secure for him a charter offered by Baron Kol Kresimir for the exploration and taming of the eastern slopes of the Border Hills, a region just beyond the Baronies borders that is much troubled by bandits, beasts and bad luck.

Markuss recruited his childhood manservent, now turned freeman and friend Silviu Cojocaru and Luukas Ruutel a long standing family retainer to partner with him in carrying out the charter.

Markuss Dancis

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