Oleg and Svetlana Leviton

Homesteaders in the Border Hills


Oleg Leviton inherited this homestead from his father and his father’s father. The Leviton family has worked, lived on, defended and died for the hills, valleys, streams and forests on this land since shortly after the Great Crusade swept through the Kotor Valley and into The Beastlands.
Svetlana’s family lived in a nearby valley, but lost several family members during a flash flood and did not have enough manpower afterwards to continue operating the homestead. Oleg invited his wife’s family to join their homestead, reasoning that it was better to have one strong and robust community rather than two small and vulnerable homesteads.

Oleg has developed a talent for engineering creative solutions to water control and use, inventing functional noria used to elevate water from the stream that runs through the valley to a series of channels used to help irrigate crops on the slopes of the hills and provide a 2nd source of fresh water to the homestead buildings. He is also a master brewer, a competent carpenter, and a superior administrator. His organizational skills and understanding of how to maximize labor efficiencies around his homestead being the primary reason it is one of the most prosperous and stable homesteads remaining in the Border Hills.

Svetlana has a talent for smoothing over the ruffled feathers that Oleg creates with his gruff personality, allowing Oleg’s skills to be exercised to their greatest benefit, rather than his ideas being resisted on the basis of how they are presented. She is also a masterful administrator in her own right, maximizing the use and conservation of the limited natural and capital resources available to the homestead. Svetlana also has some skill in gardening, her vegetable patch providing valuable contributions to the table throughout much of the year.

Oleg and Svetlana Leviton

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