Silviu Cojocaru

Reformed bandit and loyal guide


Silviu Cojocaru’s father was a peasant conscript who served as infantry fodder in the Crusade and was injured during the Siege of Visegrad. His fathers injuries permitted him to remain behind when the Crusading host marched east out of the Kotor Valley to glorious defeat in the Beastlands.

Silviu’s mother was a peasant conscript who served the Crusading army as a cook and a nurse. She was assigned to the hospital established in Visegrad to house the injured following the conquest of the Kotor Valley so that the Crusaders would not be slowed down by their burden as they continued east.

They met and shortly after were betrothed and wed. Upon the establishment of the Barony of Kotor as a holding of the Sumadjian Kingdom, freesteadings were awarded to any veteran of the Crusade who established a dwelling on their plot and cultivated the land. Lacking in standing and without a patron, the Cojocaru freesteading was granted on the eastern slopes of the Border Hills which separated the Kotor Valley from the Beastlands.

Hundreds of poor and unfavored veterans were awarded freesteadings along the eastern slopes and most of them toiled diligently to make a living from the hard and dangerous land. Weather, disease, wild beasts, bandits and starvation were all implacable and ultimately insurmountable obstacles and sadly, over the next couple of decades, most all of the freesteaders failed, including the Cojocaru family.

The youngest Cojocaru, Silviu, struck out early from his home, looking to make his own way, away from the struggles and despair of eeking a living from land that seemed unwilling to cooperate. He fell in quickly with a bandit gang that had recently taken up the dangerous practice of raiding caravans traveling the East Road. His first mission with them was a complete disaster as they assaulted a well organized and defended caravan and were massacred.

The leader of the caravan guard, Sir Alfred Dancis, captured the young Silviu and granted him mercy on the condition that he serve for a term of 8 years as manservant to his son, a young Markuss Dancis. The boys grew close, despite their disparate backgrounds, and a friendship formed while Silviu benefited from a stable living situation, education and eventually an apprenticeship with Sir Dancis’s huntsman.

When Markuss Dancis offered Silviu the opportunity to return to the eastern slopes as an equal member of his charter to explore and tame the wilderness he joined with no hesitation, hoping in his heart to learn the fate of the family that he abandoned so many years before.

Silviu Cojocaru

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