The Crow Eaters Band

A small bandit group in the Border Hills


Taghai ‘One-Ear’
Hits: 95 AT: 17 DB: 15
OB: 85 (war mattock) OB: 50 (javelin and dagger)
Frenzy – 70, Leadership – 40, Situational Awareness (Combat) – 50, Stunned Maneuvering – 55

Hits: 40 AT: 2 DB: 10
OB: 15 (short sword)
PP: 46
4th Level Cleric
Channels 5 – 28 , Communal Ways 1 – 24, Life Mastery 3 – 26, Protections 5 – 28, Repulsions 5 – 28, Summons 4 – 27
Concussion’s Ways 4 – 27, Weather Ways 5 – 28
Blood Law 5 – 28, Bone Law 3 – 26

Bandits (9)
Hits: 50 AT: 10 DB: 15 (plus shield)
OB: 45 (short sword or club) OB: 35 (short bow, only half are so equipped)
Situational Awareness (Combat) – 20, Stunned Maneuvering – 30


The Crow Eaters were a bandit gang that formed in the 13th Year of his Lordship Kresimir under the leadership of the Yrchish warrior Taghai ‘One-Ear’, formerly of the Grey Wolf clan. They operated along the East Road caravan route and in the Border Hills just to the north of the road. Their base of operations was an old hilltop castle that had fallen to ruin after being damaged by a fire and abandoned decades previously.

Due to poor planning and inadequate stores, the gang’s provisions began to run short during the winter of the 14th Year of his Lordship Kresimir which forced them to start raiding and preying on the few remaining homesteads in the area.

They met their end during Alturiak of the 14th Year of his Lordship Kresimir at the hands of Kalina Samaras and Ailean O’Glaisin and some mercenary hirelings who performed the task as their payment for sheltering at the Leviton Homestead when they initially arrived in the Border Hills.

The Crow Eaters Band

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