Pathfinder's Rise of the Rolemaster

A Battle in the Snow
Journal of Ailean O’Glaisin

Alturiak, 3rd Giovedi, 14th Year of his Lordship Kresimir, Kotor Barony;
This dai ooud bee Arnaulen 5, The Claw of Snows, at hom, and mai thats toodai find themselvz oftin leengring upon mai familee. Thei kan not yet no that I hav taken this foolish venshur into the beestlandz, and it mae bee that bai the taim thae reseev mai letr I wil be feesting at the feet of heros in Kanassas Hall.
Stil, I am baoond bai oth and onur to Lady Samaras and shee is hedstrong and wilful and kan not be dissooaded frum her kors of akshun. Even tho it taks us both into the Beestlands, storees abaoot wich I hav ben fed sens chaildhood that ar noomerus and entrtaining, in a perelus and often bludee fashon. I prai onle that the batl ooe engag in this eev wil serv az the beegining ov aour oun storee that leeds too the Ladys ultimut reedempshun, rathr than to aour oun ignomineus deths.

Alturiak, 3rd Dillundi, 14th Year of his Lordship Kresimir, Kotor Barony;
I survaivd the batl, and having dun so, I reeliz that my last intree oouz kooaieet doomlaidn. The batl wuz a hard faut afaeir, and I did not emrg unskathd. I wuz gifted a wel brokin rib by a sharp blou from a klub, smartlee ooeelded by ooun of the bandits. But, perhaps I shud start at the begining of the storee!
Wee had agreed to handel a groop of theevs that had ben making truubel at the Levituun Homsted and on Arnaulen 3, the nait of wich the snous returned, Zan Kruhalk, nefu of Oleg Levituun, and Jetei, 2nd son of Telebog, braut neus that they had finalee diskoverd the bandits haanting a ruind hiltop casel haf a daees ooaaking distans.
We set aut befor frst lait the nekst morning with the to homstedrs as gaids. It lookd as thou Andoni and Manus wood ern ther coin after al! Of cors in the snou, a haf daeez waaking distans took most al of the dae and we neerd the kasl as nait fel. We wer egzasted frum the daees march and needed to rest befor we cuud maek ane asuult so we faond a vantag poeent frum wich we cuud obzerv the kumings and goings of the bandits.
Wen we stopt mooving the kold began to set in, but Lady Samaras put an inchantment of ooarmth upon aur boots and kloks to keep us in kumfert. We caunted a haf duzen bandits and asumd ther to be at leest tuis that number. Ther leedr ooas a graet beest of a Yrchish ooarior, but the others luukt to be a matlee groop of Mannish and Yrchish pezintfok drevin to evul akts by hard taimz. Thaee apeerd poorlee ekuept ooith klubs, smal sords and lethr brestplaets with feeu bouz prezent.
Ooee laed aur plan and aprocht the kasl under the cover of ful dark and a lait snou. Zan and Jetei sirkld araoond the kassl, to keep wach in cais anee bandits fled during aur atak, or atempted to flaink us. Ther ooaz a seengl gaard posted at the entrans with a blaezing faeer to keep him ooarm, and also to provaid iluminashun for aoor arouz. Anuther faeer blazd gust ooethin the entrans and anuther gard ooaz ther. Ooee attakt laet enuf that most uv the rest of the bandits ooer sleeping.
Ooen ooe had aprocht az closlee az ooee kud ooithaut daengr ov being deetekted ooee ooaited ooil the Lady beegan to preepair a spel for atak. Ooen she ooas redee us menfolk chargd to the atak (ooel, Andoni and maiself did) or fetherd the bandit standing gard (thats ooat Manus and Koldo did insted).
Ooee had supriz and luk ooas on aur said. The to bandits on gard ooer kooiklee dispacht, ooan bai an arou Manus deliverd unto his gut, the other frum the bal of mai morningstar upon his unprotekted hed. After that the batl beekaim a kunfeuzd and desperit afair. Much shauting and hulabaloo ooas raizd within as the resting men raoozd and redeed themselvz ugainst aur asult.
In trooth and eeternal thankfulnes haooevr, thaee fot laik the rabl thae ooer. Ae streem of foz eemergd frum within the kasl, individguals rushing to the kontest as thae felt themselvz prepaird. Neether ooaiting nor courdinaiting ther caunteratak ooith ther felous. This alaooed us to engag them in turn and ooithaoot beekuming ovrooelmd bai ther soopeereeor numberz. Andoni proovd himself a daootee ooareeor az hee laid abaut ooith hiz mais. Manus fetherd anee hoo maid it past Andoni and I ooarin sum tuk advantag ov the distrakshun ther felouz provaided az we smasht them daoon. Even gudman Koldo plaeed hiz shortbou ooith a ooill and gaiv much distres to thos bandits aooaiting ther apoeentment ooith aur mais and morningstar.
Deespait the valer and efrt ov us minfolk, al wud hav cum to not had Lady Samaras not taiken her part at kee moments. Once it ooas that a bandit managd to avoid al ov aur blugunings and fethrings to gaeen an advantagus pozishun upon us, poisd to straik a blou most dedlee ooen a bolt of laitning flasht frum the dark to straik and dispirit the fo. This unfortshoonut viktim ov her atenshun immeedeeatlee reetreeted into the kassl, both ov hiz armz haenging limplee at hiz saidz, ooer ooee faoond him later, porlee bandagd, for al the gud it did him in the end. The sekunt ooas the veree leeder of the bandits hoo ooaz nokt baak and aaf balans bai the blast she deeliverd to him. Andoni had ben hard prest bai the maitee ooareeor hoo ooor a fain kooaletee steel brestplait and ooelded a hevee ooar matuk with dangrus skil. Ooen hee ooaz forsd bak bai the Ladys paoor, Andoni ooaz abel too moov too aid mee ooen I faoond maiself under an inchantment kast frum ooithin the kaasl that left mee dazd and unabel to eefektivlee deefend maiself agenst the too bandits asulting mee. It ooas at this taim that I reeceevd mai oouond, kurtisee ov the klub ov ooun ov mai uponents. Andoni kooiklee dispacht thos too ooail I reekuvrd mai ooets and Manus finisht ther leedr ooith a breleeant shot, puting an arou thru hez hed that keld hem standing.
Aftr that the wil too fait left the reemaining bandits and we herd shaoots of panik and surendr frum within. Zan told us that thai kaunted three taiking flait, inklooding ooan ooaring hevee robz that ooas prabublee the ooan rispansabl for kasting the stuning spel upon me. Ooel ooud I laik to mach ooith hem ooil aooair ov hiz prezins and not obstrukted bai a mob ov undrlings! Ulas, I ooaz not in anee shaip to pres the isheeu in the dark and snou.
Ooe tuk okiupansee ov ther leir for the reemaindr ov the eevening, Jetei handeld the dispozishun of the ingurd theevs hoo had retreeted into the kaasel during the fait and wer unabel to flee. The nekst morning ooee gatherd ooat portabl valubalz thai had akooaird and kreeated a stash of the bulkeer aitems too reklaim ooen the wethr turnz. Then ooee returnd. I ooud laik too sai it ooaz a return too a heros ooelkum, but thez folk in the Beestlandz lev laivs ooer thei oourk hard and ekspekt nuthing les of thoz thai aafr ther hospetaalitee too. Thaee maid ther gratitood uparent, but it ooas ekooalee plain that ooee had simplee dun the ooark thaee ekspekted ov us.

A Start Before Spring
Journal of Kalina Samaras

Alturiak, 2nd Martedi, 14th Year of his Lordship Kresimir, Kotor Barony;

The heathen weather-witch’s fortunetelling had been specific regarding the dates when a stretch of clear, cold weather would hit the valley. On the morning of Alturiak, 2nd Svoradi, yesterday, the clouds emptied of snow, the sun shown through and the temperature dropped, just as she said it would. She was certainly as good as her reputation and worth her fee, usurious as it was. The next storm is not supposed to arrive for a full tenday.

Ailean, Koldo and I had made the necessary preparations for our journey and managed to make some good deals on supplies and equipment, which partially made up for the excessive cost of the weather divinations. Most of the suppliers we patronized were happy to simply have our business during what is their slowest season. We even managed to hire a pair of Whitewater sellswords on the cheap. They probably expected to spend their entire contract comfortably drinking ale in the Whitewater Tavern and sleeping in their own warm beds while the usual late winter snow storms kept us from traveling.

1 wagon, 4 mules, a small mountain of equipment and supplies and 2 somewhat disgruntled caravan guards, we departed Visegrad by way of the Caravan Gate and took the East Road towards my destiny.

I just hope it is a good destiny.

Alturiak, 2nd Borisi, 14th Year of his Lordship Kresimir, Kotor Barony;

The last 7 days have been torturous and now there are only 3 days before it is said that the snows will return. It is difficult to say which was the greater torture; forcing slow progress through thick and fresh fallen snow which was our fate for the first two days of our journey or enduring the freezing cold which has at least allowed us to make better time over the now aged and hardened snow the last five days.

We have passed through the gap in the Border Hills created by the Vardar River, although we have had no sighting of that waterway, hidden as it is under the ice and snow. We now exit the Kotor Valley and approach the Beastlands, of which I have heard many tales, most recently from Andoni and Manus, our two worthy guides. Even taking allowance for the exaggerations of tellers of tales, it does not sound like a land I wish to sojourn within in such a small party as ours, and not far with even a larger party.

Andoni assures us that there are some farmsteads still resisting the dangers of the wilds hereabouts and some old buildings that may serve as a base for our business venture. I pray that he is correct and that we may find one or both within the next few days.

Alturiak, 3rd Svoradi, 14th Year of his Lordship Kresimir, Kotor Barony;

This morning we met with the Levitons, a family that has kept a homestead here for decades. Goodman Oleg and his wife Svetlana preside over an extended family and employ some Yrchish and Elarkish families on their land as well. Several dozen people in all live on their homestead.

The land itself is well sited in a small valley. All is covered in snow and ice, but I am told a small stream runs through the valley and fills a pair of ponds at the southern end. Fields separated by tidy rock walls fill floor of the valley, an orchard with cherry, apple, pear and hazelnut trees lies on the gentle eastern slope while the houses, outbuildings and gardens stand on the steeper western slope to receive the morning sun. Sheep and goats graze the nearby hills under the eyes of the Yrchish folk while several draft animals are kept in a barn nearer to the houses.

The houses and other buildings are solidly built and most are dug somewhat into the ground; I am told that this helps keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I can certainly understand the reasons for building them in that manner! It is only one more day that we are to have this break in the weather and the snows should return tomorrow. It is well that we found the Leviton Homestead when we did!

Not all seems to be well however. When we approached with our wagon and mules we were greeted most brusquely by several of the minfolk. It was only by the presence of Andoni, who was known to Oleg and a couple of the others from past dealings, that we were permitted to say our peace. Koldo spoke well for our intentions, and that we brought such a store of supplies with us certainly helped. We were invited to stable our beasts and provided beds for our use, but a service was requested for the courtesy.

It appears that the reputation of the Border Hills as a bandit infested land is not exaggerated and since the beginning of winter the Leviton Homestead has been subjected to the regular and unwelcome attentions of such a group. It has mostly consisted of sheep and goat rustling, but recently the scoundrels mounted a raid on a storage building and made off with a fair quantity of dried fruits and good grains as well as making a great noise and commotion and putting a fright into everyone.

Several of the younger men have been using the clear weather to carefully check on ruined buildings and caves around the area and believe that they have found the lair of the thieves. While these homesteaders are hardy, tough and not frightened by the prospect of fighting, neither are they foolish nor prone to taking unnecessary risks and they are not warriors. My companions however are warriors and Ailean has been known to take risks that are both foolish and unnecessary, so we have been requested to look into the problem of dealing with the bandits as payment for the hospitality of the Levitons.


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