Ailean O'Glaisin

Dedicated Honorguard and Duellist


Ailean O’Glaisin comes from a clan long indebted to and allied with the Samaras family and has been in love with Kalina Samaras from the time of his earliest memories. He was a first person witness to the harmless but thoughtless indiscretion committed by Kalina that has ruined her life by giving persistent life to an otherwise baseless and ridiculous rumor. Unable to act directly on her behalf Ailean instead gave her his unwavering support, even to the point of accompanying her into exile in the Barony of Kotor.

Ailean has trained in weaponplay and dueling in the finest academies that his family could enroll him in and has served ably as both bodyguard and honor-guard for Kalina. He realizes at this point that his unrequited love for her must remain unrequited, as another indiscretion could cause Kalina to be not merely exiled but actually disowned by her family. Ailean realizes as well that he is likely to be the only witness to Kalina’s behavior while she is in exile and so he must ensure own honor remains above reproach in order to protect her honor from further slander.

Ailean O'Glaisin

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