The Technical/Trade Group skills are all Static Maneuvers. The Technical/Trade*General Category has Standard Skill and Standard Category progression while the Technical/Trade*Professional and Vocational Categories have Combined progression.

Skills: Begging, First Aid (each type of creature is a separate skill), Gambling, Operating Equipment, Mapping, Orienteering, Sailing, Tactical Games, Using Prepared Herbs
Applicable Stats: Re/Me/SD
This category encompasses the use of technical and trade skills which are available to most people with the determination to learn them.

Skills: Advertising (each culture is a separate skill), Architecture, Diagnostics (general and specialization by race or type of creature are all separate skills), Dowsing, Drowsing, Engineering, Mechanition (each type of machine is a separate skill), Military Organization, Mining (each type of mining is a separate skill), Second Aid, Surgery
applicable Stats: Re/Me/In
This category encompasses the use of skills which are typically available only to specific professions and require specialized training.

Skills: Administration, Appraisal, Boat Pilot (each water course is a separate skill), Cartography, Evaluate Armor, Evaluate Metal, Evaluate Stone, Evaluate Weapon, Gimmickry, Hypnosis, Midwifery, Navigation, Prepare Herbs, Prepare Poisons, Siege Engineering, Tactics (each type of situation is a separate skill)
Applicable Stats: Me/In/Re
This category encompasses the use of trade and technical skills which may be acquired through observation and understudy, requiring no extensive or specialized training or even any formal instruction.


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