Elarkish folk tend to adopt cultural traits from other races and as a result there are not many Elarkish dominated cultures. Likewise, Elarkish kingdoms exist, such as the Mountain Kings, but they are relatively sparse in the annals of history. More often, Elarkish folk live their lives alongside other races, contributing to the stability and success of the society while letting the cares and concerns of ruling and leadership fall on others.

Physical Description

Build: Display a wide range of builds, from slender to stocky but with relatively little gender based dimorphism. Their ears are long, slender and come to a point; usually they lay against the skull but sometimes they will stand away from the head. Their eyes are usually set shallow or very shallow under their brows, sometimes appearing to bulge out, are fairly large and are always round in shape. Their noses range from angular to pointed, are relatively large and project down from their brows to their mouths. Men and women both average between 85 lbs and 120 lbs.
Coloring: Display varying shades of green skin colors. Their hair is uniformly black and is limited to their eyebrows and a patch on the crowns of their heads. Their eyes range from pale yellow to dark green in color, with rare blues and purples showing up in certain cultures.
Endurance: Above average to superior, depending on the culture.
Height: Men and women usually average between 4’4" and 5’.
Life Span: Average usually between 70-90 years.
Resistances: Moderate resistance to disease and minor resistance to poison.
Special Abilities: Excellent night vision, can see up to 3x as well as Mannish races at night and in dim light. Cannot see in complete darkness.
Strengths and Weaknesses: Most Elarkish cultures do not develop strong leadership personalities and they end up adopting leadership from other cultures or races. They have a fairly strong instinct to be cooperative, so even in the lack of leadership, Elarkish folk will usually organize themselves into small, mutually beneficial groups.

Game Stats
Social Strata Under Class Middle Class Upper Class
Stat Bonuses
Agility +2 +2 +2
Constitution +2 +2 +2
Memory +0 +2 +0
Reasoning +0 +0 +0
Self Discipline -2 -2 -2
Empathy +0 +0 +0
Intuition +2 +4 +4
Presence -4 -2 -2
Quickness +2 +2 +2
Strength +0 +0 +2
Body Development 0/6/4/2/1 0/6/4/2/1 0/7/5/3/1
Power Point Development
Channeling 0/6/5/4/3 0/6/5/4/3 0/6/5/4/3
Essence 0/7/6/5/4 0/7/6/5/4 0/7/6/5/4
Mentalism 0/6/5/4/3 0/6/5/4/3 0/6/5/4/3
RR Mods
Channeling +0 +0 +0
Essence +0 +0 +0
Mentalism +0 +0 +0
Poison +5 +5 +5
Disease +15 +20 +30
Fear +10 +0 +0


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