Yrchish folk often make their livings in marginal areas like rough hills, swamps, deserts and mountains. They are most comfortable in relatively egalitarian, tribal societies and as a result are usually displaced from more prime lands by centralized societies. The annals of history are littered with examples where Yrchish tribes do come together and form a powerful kingdom, always centered on a charismatic individual. These kingdoms have always proven to be only as long lived as the ‘king’ it is centered on; quickly falling apart with the separate Yrchish tribes returning to their comfortable small scale organization once the ‘king’ dies.

Physical Description

Build: Display a relatively limited range of body types, from stocky to thickly built. Their legs are short relative to their body height which makes their overall height somewhat shorter than usual. They have large ears that usually stick out from their heads and usually taper to a blunt point, although it is not unknown for Yrchish ears to lay against the skull. Their eyes are of average size, are slanted upwards at the outside corner and are set mid to deeply under their brows. Their noses are small to mid-sized on their faces and are usually flat with wide nostrils set just above their mouths. They have prominent canine teeth and it is not unusual for them to protrude past their lips. Men usually weigh between 180 lbs and 230 lbs; women usually weigh between 140 lbs and 200 lbs.
Coloring: Display varying shades of grey skin, from nearly white to nearly black; all are subject to tanning, which darkens their natural color, but rarely do they suffer from sunburn. Some cultures will have off-color tints to their skin, most commonly greens and reds and are usually affected more dramatically by tanning. Their hair color is either white, black or slate grey and it grows as a curly mop from their heads and as clumps on their bodies; their facial hair is usually limited to eyelashes and eyebrows. Their eyes mix blacks, reds and brown colors.
Endurance: Superior. Any Yrchish adult can work or travel for up to 2 days without sleep when needed.
Height: Men usually average between 5’6" and 6’; women usually average between 5’2" and 5’8".
Life Span: Average usually between 65 and 90 years.
Resistances: Excellent resistance to fear, moderate resistance to disease and minor resistance to poison.
Special Abilities: Good night vision; can see 2x as well as Mannish races at night. Cannot see in complete darkness.
Strengths and Weaknesses: Most Yrchish cultures find it to be psychologically uncomfortable to form or live in large enough groups to create or dominate kingdoms or large organized states. In smaller groupings however, they are often friendly, engaging, outgoing and highly cooperative.

Game Stats
Social Strata Under Class Middle Class Upper Class
Stat Bonuses
Agility 0 0 0
Constitution 4 4 4
Memory 0 0 0
Reasoning 2 2 2
Self Discipline 0 2 2
Empathy -2 -2 -2
Intuition 0 0 0
Presence 0 0 0
Quickness -2 0 0
Strength 4 4 5
Body Development 0/7/4/2/1 0/7/4/2/1 0/7/5/3/1
Power Point Development
Channeling 0/6/5/4/3 0/6/5/4/3 0/6/5/4/3
Essence 0/6/5/4/3 0/6/5/4/3 0/6/5/4/3
Mentalism 0/7/6/5/4 0/7/6/5/4 0/7/6/5/4
RR Mods
Channeling 0 0 0
Essence 0 0 0
Mentalism 0 0 0
Poison 5 5 5
Disease 10 15 20
Fear 15 15 15


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